The Velvet Mouse Show

The Velvet Mouse Show Synopsis

THE VELVET MOUSE SHOW is a character-driven animated series - a psychedelic explosion of pop comedy and rock and roll, wrapped in a candy-coated love letter to the great Saturday Morning cartoons of our collective childhood.

The adventure begins when Shaun and Donny Paradise, two all-American teen brothers meet two very lost time-travelers, Jupiter James, a clinically depressed extra-terrestrial and Luck E. Charm, a bumbling wizard's apprentice. Aided by a smooth-talking mouse named Velvet, and Sadie, the very pretty girl next-door, the Paradise brothers and the two time travelers quickly form an alliance...and a rock band! Together, they perform rock concerts, have misadventures and manage to stay one step ahead of their nemesis, the very bald and easily agitated Dr. X.

The Velvet Mouse Show Videos

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The Velvet Mouse Show Audience

Our diverse audience includes a strong showing from females aged 25 - 54. Young parents have told us they lament the lack of kid-safe programming available but they love watching THE VELVET MOUSE SHOW with their kids.

The strong nostalgia hook of THE VELVET MOUSE SHOW brings a lot of trust and goodwill to the table. As our core demographic make most of the household purchasing decisions in their families, the show is an excellent vehicle for branded original content, especially for legacy brands.

The Fans Speak

"I just watched this with my 3-1/2 year old son - he thought it was cool and so did I!"
-- Hampton N.
"Nothing today has this feel. I love it! Thanks guys for bringing this back! I wish you nothing but the best of luck!"
-- Rene C.
"This is the kind of cartoon show I woulda woke up early on Saturday mornings to watch when I was a kid! Heck,I'd probably do it right now! Great job!!!"
-- Jimm C.
"I loved it! (I) had several people watch it and they loved it as well!! i believe you have a hit on your hands!!!!"
-- Karen C. W.
"This reminds me of the classic Saturday morning cartoons.... kids today miss out on..."
-- Lynn M. A.
"That was great, guys! A nice tribute to the Saturday morning shows of my youth!"
-- Melodie P.
"This is fabulous!"
-- Jodi E.
"As a child of the 70's, I get it! Thanks for the smiles."
-- Lisa M. Z.

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